design futurism

Bruce SterlingA few days ago I came across a (somewhat older) blog entry mentioning futurist, author, blogger, viridian designer, … Bruce Sterling‘s lecture at the California College of Arts, titled Design Futurism. Steve Portigal was there and blogged his notes on Core77.

Bruce talked about similarities and differences between design and futurism, and what they could mean to each other. He sees sustainability as a major overlap, common ground between the two disciplines/attitudes.
An EU project titled Designing for future needs also looked into what the two disciplines/attitudes could mean to each other (read: a lot), researching “how design techniques for envisioning the future can benefit EC decision-makers’ foresight planning and policy work” (and vice versa).

As some of you might know, at Pantopicon, insights, methods and techniques from (participatory) foresight, future and envisioning studies and those from design and design research go hand in hand. From a pantopical point of view, both mindsets, ways of assessing the world can be considered to share a number of characteristics, such as a 360┬░, contextualized approach, people at the centre, an important time/process dimension, thinking in terms of alternatives, visualizing/making ‘experiencable’ that which does not yet exist, etc.
Via: Core77 and Steve Portigal’s blog AllThisChittaChattah