alternative futures at Nokia

Jan ChipchaseSome of you might know Jan Chipchase from his blog Future Perfect, one that sounds like music to our ears for obvious reasons. At Nokia Design, Jan is involved in envisaging new product concepts with a timehorizon of 3-15 years.

In one of his recent blog posts, Jan writes:

“Delivered a presentation to the S.E.T. studio in Tokyo – in a funky, and funkily-wired building just off Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori – a working environment that also functions as a test-space for ‘living’ new ideas. “

This sounds like a wonderful ‘future room’ which we’d love to know more about.

Worth mentioning on the methodological front: recently Jan gave two presentations, wonderfully documenting some of his/their recent experiences with user-centred, field-based methods to scanning into emerging trends happening out there in the world and taking inspiration from these observations to think about possible alternative futures that might arise in time. However, the presentations appear to focus more on the design research part of the process, than on the part in which alternative futures are explored.

Via our friends at Putting People First