how we work

We are a teamplayer. We work with our clients and partners to maximize quality of results and quality of experience. As such, we invest highly in process design & facilitation, selection and development of tools for thought and action supportive of the goals of the project, communication and dissemination during and after projects etc.teamplayer

Exploring or envisioning the future generally starts with a thorough analysis of the terrain, i.e. the client and their environment. After all, it will be the changes that might take place in their biotope, which will eventually shape their future context and hence force them to change in one direction or the other in order to survive or increase success. A thorough understanding of the world(s) of which our client is part is a must for a successful futures exploration and/or visioning journey. We work hard to make the complexity of our client's reality insightful and manageable throughout the project through careful design.

perspectiveAlthough we pack a solid amount of knowledge about future developments and their possible impacts in-house and within the networks we operate, exploring and envisioning the future calls for more than "us delivering our knowledge and know-how to our clients". The future begs for an approach to take into account multiple perspectives (cf. multi-stakeholder), facilitate mutual learning and building bridges, to prepare ground and build capacity for the future vision to take root. Therefore the majority of our work is infused with interactive working sessions with our client and when required: with stakeholders in their future.  All of these sessions breathe the heads-in-hands-on atmosphere for which Pantopicon has become known.

Successful participatory futuring requires the right mind- and bodyspace. Therefore, as experienced atmosphere architects, we work with our client to spot inspiring locations and set the stage for our interactive sessions. 

The content we deliver and the tools and materials we use throughout our processes are designed to inspire, to motivate for action, to streamline the workflow effectively.

Our toolbox is inspired by state of the art methods and techniques stemming from a variety of fields, among which foresight, futures studies, systems analysis, scenario- & trendanalysis, integrated assessment, design research, experience design, design thinking, etc.