Urb@Exp - 11/09/2014
Kicking-off EU project Urb@Exp in Maastricht

Michael & Nicole joined the kick-off of the Urb@Exp project in Maastricht on Sep 11-12th. The coming three years, partners from Belgium (Antwerp), the Netherlands (Maastricht), Sweden (Malmö) and Austria (Graz) will exchange experiences and deduce both research- and policy-driven insights with respect to setting up and running citylabs. Pantopicon is currently involved in Stadslab2050 of the city of Antwerp which will serve as its local research context within Urb@Exp.

fashion flows - 17/06/2014
FashionFlows brings together people across the fashion chain to render their business more sustainable

Nicole and Nik welcomed about 20 people from across the fashion industry during the first "Fashion Flows" breakfast meeting on Friday 13th at the Felixpakhuis in Antwerp. Fashion Flows aims to forge new alliances and inspire new initiatives to render the fashion industry more sustainable and where possible more circular.  Dilys Williams of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (UK) offered an inspiring talk covering a broad range of examples of and reflections on more circular models of fashion creation, production, consumption, reuse/recycling etc. Fashion Flows is an initiative of Stadslab2050 in which Pantopicon is actively involved.

energise the streets - 17/06/2014
Homemade street view made for a dynamic ideation setting during Stadslab2050's energy event

Nicole, Michael and Nik welcomed about 150 people in Antwerp for Stadslab2050's energy event on Monday June 16th. Public and private parties as well as individuals interested in co-developing sustainable energy initiatives for the Antwerp city centre, gathered for an afternoon and an evening to connect. 

inspiring environmental policy - 09/05/2014

On May 09th, a crowd of about 70 people gathered at a stakeholdermeeting ("Milieu tot ieders verbeelding") of the Flemish Environment, Nature & Energy Department to come up with fresh ideas for the next Flemish Environmental Policy Plan. Michael delivered an inspiring talk, boosting the audience's imagination of 'what could be?', tapping into examples of weak signals of change which might further shape our future. 

stakeholders & policy making - 24/04/2014

How to analyse and engage with stakeholders in policy making through future exploration and envisioning exercises? On April 24th, Joris engaged with an enthusiastic group of bachelor students at University College Maastricht. Through various exercises the students submerged themselves in one specific case, namely that of the future of Dutch provincial governance. How could a participatory stakeholder process to explore and envision the future of the Dutch provinces be set up? Who would they involve and why? During the working session, students received a taste of what it is like to engage with real life stakeholders in practice and the many challenges one is likely to encounter along the way.

opencarelab designer camp - 03/04/2014
Design for the Future of Care in Flanders 2040 AD

Joris & Nik continued their quest into the future of care in Flanders during opencarelab's "designer camp". They engaged a dozen enthuasiastic design professionals in shaping their future care worlds and deducing some key design challenges these future worlds bring along. As such they laid the foundations for opencarelab's "Care camps" in which three teams, guided by Heather Daam, Karel Verstraeten and Wim Buts & Laura Braspenning will render these futures tangible. See also the opencarelab website.

on storytelling - 17/03/2014
DESIS Philosophy Talk "Designers telling stories"

On March 12th, 2014, Nik moderated a panel discussion on Storytelling and Social Innovation at the end of the DESIS Philosophy Talk "Designers telling stories" at Design Academy Eindhoven. Some key questions addressed during the DESIS Philosophy Talk were: "Can we consider the act of telling stories of social innovation a political action, as it opens up the idea of public realm as a place where decision making takes place? Is storytelling in design for social innovation a poetic action, where the two dimensions of telling and making, as in the Greek idea of poiesis, are finally reconciled? Can we look at telling stories of emerging sustainable behaviours worldwide as a way to manifest what is at the margin of the mainstream of society and help its potentialities to be fully expressed?"

Panellists were (from left to right in the picture) Simone Farresin (Studio FormaFantasma), Sophie Krier, David Hamers (DAE), Liesbeth Huybrechts (MAD Faculty), Bas Raijmakers (DAE), David Parkinson (Northumbria University) and Marja Seliger (Aalto University).

transforming neighbourhoods - 24/11/2013
Transformation of creative neighbourhoods (photo courtesy of Wallonie Design)

On Nov 14th, 2013, Nik moderated a half-day panel on the role of cultural and social interactions in the sustainable transformation of innovative neighbourhoods and creative territories. The discussion took place during QIT13 - "le Sommet International sur les Quartiers Innovants & Territoires Créatifs: les enjeux pour une économie créative"  - in Liège, Belgium, an initiative of Wallonie Design. Participants to the panel were Marta Corubolo (DESIS Lab, Politecnico di Milano), Bulelwa Makalima Ngewana (Creative Cape Town), Adrien Tirtiaux (Hôtel Charleroi), Laurent Lebot & Victor Massip (Les Ekovores), Giovanna Massoni (Reciprocity) & Clio Brzakala (Wallonie Design).

MIOS does it again - 10/06/2013
Museum In Our Streets wins 2013 Core77 Design Awards in Service category

And the winner of the 2013 Core77 Design Awards in the Service category is … MIOS! That's right: Museum In Our Street, our toolkit to catalyze social interaction & cohesion building at street level, does it again. After already having won a Henry Van de Velde Label earlier this year, MIOS continues its victory trip. 

According to the C77DA 2013 jury:

"MIOS is an original service platform aiming at adding significant value to the human and cultural richness of the inhabitants of city’s streets. In order to do this, it implements and develops a very engaging interaction enabling the inhabitants to express themselves, so to spark social conversations among the others.

The remarkable feature is that MIOS aims at achieving this in a very poetic and inclusive manner. The service, being accessible, intuitive and low tech, appears to be quite scalable and feasible, too."


The joint MIOS team of Pantopicon & Concrete all-round creative, are extremely happy & grateful for this recognition of their work and the potential of MIOS to bring about positive change in our streets.
For more information on the project, check the video below and ... stay tuned for more MIOS news in the coming months!

IPO vision tour - 26/04/2013


Pantopicon recently kicked off the IPO vision tour (see Stip aan de horizon) and has engaged with policymakers and political representatives of the Dutch Provinces of Groningen (April 17th) and Limburg (April 26th). Together a set of possible future scenarios was explored in order to jointly assess possible future challenges and roles for the Dutch provincial policy-level.
First one up next is the Province of Gelderland on May 8th. All insights gathered will be presented on October 9th in Lelystad during the yearly IPO conference.
Check the video impressions below (in Dutch)

IPO - Stip aan de Horizon | 1e sessie, Groningen from CiM on Vimeo.


IPO - Stip aan de Horizon | 2e sessie, Maastricht from Sebastiaan ter Burg on Vimeo.