fashion flows - 30/03/2015
Waswijs' smart washing label at Fashion Flows

On March 30th 2015, a packed Antwerp Felix Pakhuis welcomed +120 people interested in rendering the fashion business more sustainable. Concepts and projects ranging from intelligent washing labels to shared wardrobes and modular 3D printed shoes passed the revue. Keynote speaker of the day was the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s Dilys Williams who inspired the audience with a wide range of examples and some critical notes regarding where we stand and the challenges that are ahead to make fashion a more sustainable business in the age of circular economies. Fashion Flows is an initiative of the City of Antwerp's Stadslab 2050 in collaboration with Pantopicon.

co-creating care - 10/03/2015
co-creation session on the future of care City of Aalst
The City of Aalst (Belgium) aims to consolidate and elaborate their role as a key-player in outstanding care in Flanders in the future. Together with VOKA East-Flanders they set out on a co-creative adventure involving 40+ local/regional players to design a series of innnovative concepts for care. Pantopicon & studio dott teamed up to design and facilitate the co-creative process, bringing both future-oriented care-specific and methodological knowledge to the table.
creativity world forum 2014 - 06/11/2014
Pantopicon booth at Creativity World Forum 2014

For the fourth time already Pantopicon welcomed creative minds and innovation seekers to their booth at the Creativity World Forum in Flanders. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you who visited and with whom we were able to share the work and passion of our studio. Projects, tools and props from over ten years of Pantopicon’s unique blend of foresight and design were on show. We look forward to see or hear from you again soon! 

biennale interieur 2014 - 26/10/2014
Pedras and sons offering legal services to share spaces

At Biennale Interieur 2014, Pantopicon presented 5 startups, each embodying a way in which the meaning of interior (design) in people’s lives is evolving. From materials based on living organisms, across comfort services for expats to legal support for sharing public and private spaces, they all show today what we might come to expect from products, services and experiences related to interior design solutions in the future.  The startups are based upon insights gained through Pantopicon's study "Man & Interior" - commissioned by the Interieur Foundation - which looked into various ways in which people's relationship with their home and work interiors might change in the future. The study led to a selection of 12 'what if?' questions (to be found in Bienniale Interieur's catalogue) stretching the notion of what interior means and the various actors involved in shaping it in the future. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the Interieur startups experience!

designfusion 2014 - 21/10/2014
Design Fusion 2014 (Photo by Marc Wallican)

On 21/10, Design Platform Flanders’ yearly Designfusion event was held at Kortrijk Xpo. Design professionals and enthusiasts met around the theme of care. Where do design and care meet. Three top speakers - Michiel Verhaegen (OSAR architecten), Toby Overmaat (IDEO, Shanghai) and Marco Steinberg (Helsinki Design Lab, Snowcone & Haystack) - opened up new vistas on challenges and opportunities ahead for design to bring systemic change to our care systems. Nik hosted the evening and together with our client Flanders in Shape, the results of our very own design exploration into the future of the Flemish care system i.e. OpenCareLab was presented to the audience for the first time.

Check out the OpenCareLab video

Urb@Exp - 11/09/2014
Kicking-off EU project Urb@Exp in Maastricht

Michael & Nicole joined the kick-off of the Urb@Exp project in Maastricht on Sep 11-12th. The coming three years, partners from Belgium (Antwerp), the Netherlands (Maastricht), Sweden (Malmö) and Austria (Graz) will exchange experiences and deduce both research- and policy-driven insights with respect to setting up and running citylabs. Pantopicon is currently involved in Stadslab2050 of the city of Antwerp which will serve as its local research context within Urb@Exp.

fashion flows - 17/06/2014
FashionFlows brings together people across the fashion chain to render their business more sustainable

Nicole and Nik welcomed about 20 people from across the fashion industry during the first "Fashion Flows" breakfast meeting on Friday 13th at the Felixpakhuis in Antwerp. Fashion Flows aims to forge new alliances and inspire new initiatives to render the fashion industry more sustainable and where possible more circular.  Dilys Williams of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (UK) offered an inspiring talk covering a broad range of examples of and reflections on more circular models of fashion creation, production, consumption, reuse/recycling etc. Fashion Flows is an initiative of Stadslab2050 in which Pantopicon is actively involved.

energise the streets - 17/06/2014
Homemade street view made for a dynamic ideation setting during Stadslab2050's energy event

Nicole, Michael and Nik welcomed about 150 people in Antwerp for Stadslab2050's energy event on Monday June 16th. Public and private parties as well as individuals interested in co-developing sustainable energy initiatives for the Antwerp city centre, gathered for an afternoon and an evening to connect. 

inspiring environmental policy - 09/05/2014

On May 09th, a crowd of about 70 people gathered at a stakeholdermeeting ("Milieu tot ieders verbeelding") of the Flemish Environment, Nature & Energy Department to come up with fresh ideas for the next Flemish Environmental Policy Plan. Michael delivered an inspiring talk, boosting the audience's imagination of 'what could be?', tapping into examples of weak signals of change which might further shape our future. 

stakeholders & policy making - 24/04/2014

How to analyse and engage with stakeholders in policy making through future exploration and envisioning exercises? On April 24th, Joris engaged with an enthusiastic group of bachelor students at University College Maastricht. Through various exercises the students submerged themselves in one specific case, namely that of the future of Dutch provincial governance. How could a participatory stakeholder process to explore and envision the future of the Dutch provinces be set up? Who would they involve and why? During the working session, students received a taste of what it is like to engage with real life stakeholders in practice and the many challenges one is likely to encounter along the way.