Project aimenrich the knowledge base concerning the use of cradle-to-cradle principles in agriculture and explore possibilities to render agricultural practice more sustainable
startedSeptember, 2010
finalizationDecember, 2010
The cradle to cradle (C2C) philosophy forms an important focal point when it comes to envisioning and realizing sustainable agriculture.

The agricultural sector currently lacks sufficient knowledge however concerning the meaning of C2C, its potential for the sector and how it could be implemented at a larger scale. In order to improve the situation, a first requirement is to enhance this knowledge base. Therefore, as a first step, Pantopicon - in collaboration with BECO and Trinity Planning -  will lay a solid basis of knowledge concerning the meaning and potential of C2C in agriculture. Analysis will take place by means of literature study, expert interviews and interactive stakeholder workshops.

Special attention will be paid to the identification of obstacles or levers for a successful implementation of C2C in the agricultural sector. 

The foundations of a knowledge base constructed as such will serve as a springboard from which to roll out further action-oriented initiatives.