what we do

We are a studio of future explorers. Together with our partners and clients we chart the challenges which tomorrow might bring, we assess their meaning, envision strategies for a successful tomorrow and conceptualize future-inspired products, services and experiences. We guide our clients, both public and private, to see, design and act upon the future starting today.

Organizations are about people, the stuff they make, the things they do, the environments in which they live, work and play, whom they affect, etc. Therefore we like to take a people-centered approach in the futures we explore and the visions we create. The journeys we design for our clients are about exploring possible future contexts that lie ahead, contexts shaped by a variety of current and future developments (demographic, socio-cultural, economic, technological, ecological, political, institutional, etc.). Inspired by such new environments we help them sharpen their vision, envision their preferred future, develop strategic pathways to realize it and conceptualize products, services and experiences to do so.

We inspire our clients to think about the future by stretching their minds. Therefore we deliver information about possible future developments and communicate these in ways that stimulate debate.